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Datum: 21-12-2015

**Feestelijke opening birthcenter Arubas**

Op 20 december 2015 is het Kalika Child Birth Center in Arubas geopend. Vele bewoners uit Nalang/Salang in Dhading waren aanwezig bij de opening, die door René Veldt werd verricht. Het birthcenter is opgezet met de lokale partner SSSN. Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door stichting Maha Mata Nederland.

***Opening Ceremony of Kalika Child Birth Center***

On sunny day of 20th December, the opening ceremony of Kalika Child Birth Center's building was organized in the building premises. The front yard of the building was filled with people of Arubash and surrounding village. Representative of District Health Office (DHO), Health-in-charge of Salang Health post, Chairperson of Cooperative Farmers Group, members of Kalika CBC Management Committee, representative of Sticting Veldwerk (SVN), representative of SSSN, female community health volunteers(FCHVs), health workers and representative from local NGO attended the ceremony.

The ceremony started with banner unveiling program jointly by Mr. Rene Veldt, the founder director of SVN and Sabitra Subedi, the head of maternal health DHO.

At the beginning of ceremony, the member of Kalika CBC management committee delivered welcome speech in which he thanked everyone for coming to the ceremony despite the busy household works. He appreciated the SVN who made possible to set up new child birth center in own village. Similarly he thanked to SSSN for playing the role of bridge to connect the sponsor and local community. He stated their focus shifts to sustaining the child birth center for the long term. Sabitra Subedi on behalf of district health office expressed her gratitude to donor organization how it has understood to respect the women of village area by building "temple for women". Coming in the front of women gathered in the ceremony, she encouraged all community women to stop the child birth at home and asked to perform delivery at child birth center. She thanked to health workers and female health volunteers for their role in saving the lives of rural women. Data Ram Silwal, the chairperson of management committee in closing note thanked SVN for making possible to have the child birth center in own village. Similarly, he thanked DHO for supplying medicines and health equipments, SSSN for playing a role of bridge. He informed the child birth center will provide 24 hours delivery service including the basic health treatment. He also shared around 30 to 40 patients have been visiting the center in average in daily basis.

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