Samjhana, EFF student

Datum: 08-01-2020

In samenwerking met partner Education First Foundation in Kathmandu, ondersteunt Stichting Veldwerk studenten in Nepal. Deze kinderen komen vaak uit gebroken gezinnen die dagelijks vechten voor hun bestaan. Via EFF krijgen deze kinderen de kans om onderwijs te volgen en gaan zij een beter leven tegemoet. Hier het verhaal van Samjhana, die ondanks een moeilijke kindertijd, er toch is in geslaagd om haar leven een andere wending te geven:

(geschreven door Gautam Maharjan, EFF programme coördinator)

Hard Labor pays off

Samjhana Chaudhary (19) and her elder brother (two years elder) are from Imarwa Phulbariya, Saptari. They both have not much good memories when looking back at their childhood.  Samjhana lost her left eye due to eye cancer when she was just one year old. While her parents were working in the field, the small baby was left at the side and some sharp objects got into her eye. Instead of taking her to the eye hospital, Samjhana was taken to the traditional healer in the village. Due to lack of proper treatment, the wound never healed and developed into cancer. As a consequence, she lost her eye.

Their father, along with some other villagers, died in 2003 when an electric transformer exploded and electrocuted him. Before her father passed away, he was doing quite well in the village working as a contractor. The mother never could manage the loss of her husband and sole breadwinner on top of the accident that happened to her daughter. She became ill and acting aggressively towards her children and other family members. Instead of taking care of household chores, she was roaming around in the village and crying most of the time. Nobody could come near her and there was nobody to look after Samjhana, only 3 years old at that time, and her elder brother. The brother was placed in a “relative’s” house, where he was working and sent to a local government school. Samjhana was taken to Kathmandu and admitted in a children’s home so she could have a chance for a better life and education. Samjhana was an eager student and did well in school. She also got an artificial plastic left eye.

Samjhana did extremely well in her education. In 2015, she passed School Leaving Certificate SLC (now called Secondary Education Examination SEE) with distinction, securing 82.38%. After SLC, she decided to join ophthalmic course and was motivated to work in field of eye sight. She took part in the entrance exam of 3 years diploma course in ophthalmic science in Lahan Technical School, Gramin Chowk. She was able to secure 2nd position in entrance examination and got scholarship in education. Education First Foundation (EFF) supported for her living and other expenses for her studies. During 3 years of course her results has been always outstanding but due to her difficult background, she faced mental challenges during her studies. She was in Kathmandu for check up and counseling and gradually, she improved and managed to continue her studies.

She completed her three years diploma course in 2018 with good marks and completed her internship in Sagarmatha Eye hospital for three months. After completion, she applied for several vacancies in different hospitals and passed the entrance exams in all vacancies from hospitals but couldn’t got selected through interviews. In December 2019, she got a job as an Ophthalmic Assistant in Ramkumar Mahabir Kedia Eye Hospital in Parsa District, Birgunj. She is currently staying in a rented room that she shares with one of her colleagues in Birgunj.

EFF is happy with her hard work and efforts, despite all the challenges that she has faced in her life. We are wishing Samjhana a bright future.”

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